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The Education Institute enhances the quality of education and training policy through research and evaluation projects as well as preparing online and short courses for professionals throughout Australia and overseas. For further information, contact the University of Canberra on 02 6201 5649 or 0458 373 373
DSE E-Learning Product
The University of Canberra developed this e-learning resource to increase Disability Awareness among personnel working in schools and other organisations throughout Australia. A range of courses are offered to meet the learning needs of people performing different roles in the workplace.
This e-learning resource has been built in partnership with 10 funding partners, each of which has invested in its research and development.
The product is available for purchase through a licence agreement with the University of Canberra.
For further information, contact the University of Canberra on 02 6201 5649 or 0458 373 373.
A note about the Actors
All persons appearing in videos and photographs in this DSE E-Learning resource are actors portraying roles, irrespective of whether they may or may not themselves have a disability. We are grateful to the many schools and individuals who contributed to the development of this product.
Funding partners
The DSE eLearning was developed with the financial support of the following funders:
  • New South Wales Department of Education and Training
  • Catholic Education Commission of New South Wales
  • Australian Capital Territory Government Education and Training Directorate
  • Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development
  • Department of Education Queensland
  • South Australian Department for Education and Child Development
  • The Department of Education Tasmania
  • Northern Territory Government Department of Education
  • The Department of Education Western Australia
  • Australian Government Department of Education